Iran with high standards in medical research and health care services and low cost of medical treatments is a distinctive destination for medical tourism. Some of the world’s highly experienced and skilled doctors, modern and private healthcare facilities are here to answer all your therapeutic needs.

Therefore, Iran has become an affordable and attractive destination for medical tourists from across the globe, with (absolutely) zero waiting time at hospitals and clinics that are well equipped with the latest technologies.

Healthcare in Iran

Iran is one of the best countries in educating and training health professionals. The country boasts over 50 medical schools and more than 3000 medical students graduate each year. Currently more than 20 hospitals with English speaking doctors are ready to serve international patients in Tehran and other large cities of Iran.

In 2016, Bloomberg ranked Iran among “top 30” most efficient healthcare systems ahead of the United States and Brazil. It’s important to note that in Iran, an extensive network of public clinics offer primary health care services at low cost.

The country has a reputation for its medical excellence and is truly a unique tourist destination, quickly becoming a pioneer in the field of Medical Tourism.

In August 2014, Iran hosted the first Conference and Exhibition of Health Tourism for Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). In this event representatives of the health ministries as well as ambassadors from 9 ECO members, such as the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) envoy, and the representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have taken part.


Based on a high level of professionalism, service quality, very well-developed and regularly monitored regulations by the Health Tourism Committee and advanced high quality standards, the hospitals and clinics are equipped with latest technologies offering patients a wide range of medical treatments and efficient medical services.

Medical Visa

Iran has also reformed its regulation and visa policy in granting medical visas. In an attempt to boost its tourism sector, the country has now eased its regulations in obtaining medical visas for those who wish to take advantage of the country’s well educated and skilled professionals and highly advanced medical facilities along with their families for a pleasant medical-holiday package travel.

Each year over 30,000 medical tourists enter Iran. Recently the country witnessed a 30% increase in number of tourists who travel to Iran to receive medical treatments.


Affordability is definitely the number one factor in Iran’s medical services and treatments compared to other countries. Thousands of medical procedures are available at a competitively lower cost; therefore, making a medical trip to Iran is economically reasonable.

What Can You Expect?

A Medical Tourist in Iran that undergoes complex surgical procedure in the hands of highly experienced and trained medical specialists and professionals, can enjoy the recovery time in multi star hotel-hospitals and also an exquisite holiday in Iran.

You can expect to find highly trained professionals in internationally accredited hospitals and clinics and facilities. All hospitals and clinics in Iran are required to have a valid license to operate in health tourism. Iran’s internationally accredited hospitals are equipped with the latest technologies and medical experts to offer high quality and affordable surgical procedures.

Those who are looking for medical tourism and also those who wish to take advantage of Iran’s world-renowned cosmetic professionals can also take this opportunity to enjoy Iran’s four-season climate and indulge in its exquisite cuisine. The country’s historical, cultural, and natural attractions along with its traditional etiquette of hospitality will turn any medical procedure into a trip of a lifetime with cherished memories, unlike any other medical experiment you’ve had before.

Other Advantages

Iranian people are known for their hospitality. You may ask any backpacker who has been to Iran and they will share their experience with you.

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