Some hospitals you will be treated at

Moheb Mehr hospital

Moheb Mehr Hospital is famous and popular among people because of its expert specialists, experienced nurses, and good services provided for patients.With more than 600 beds in 3 hospitals and a significant presence at every touch-point of the medical value chain, the Moheb Mehr Hospital Groups is one of the largest healthcare groups in Iran. One of the main goals of this hospital is to represent the maximum care and supply for international patients. Every year patients from different countries visit the specialists and professional doctors in Moheb Mehr Hospital for diagnosis and therapy. Moheb hospital is one of the Iranian pioneers in serving foreign patients as a routine service. Since 2004, there were patients coming from around the world. As a result, the satisfying outcome of the surgeries fascinate patients. All what matters is the satisfaction of the patient.

Atieh Hospital

Atieh Hospital is one of the most modern private hospitals in Tehran, located in Shahrak-e Gharb (Qarb Town) the north-western part of the city. 

Atieh Hospital is divided into several units:

  • Intensive care units: including General ICU, ICUOH, CCU, Post CCU, Post ICU, Post OR. Surgery units. Obs and Gynae. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU). Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Chemotherapy units . Internal units. Neurology. Operating rooms. Outpatient departments: including Angiography, pre-op preparations, Emergency, and Hemodialysis. Para-clinics and diagnosis departments: including Endoscopy, Pathology lab, Physiotherapy, CT Scan, MRI, Radiology.

Bahman Hospital

Bahman Hospital opened in 2008 in Shahrak-e Gharb (Qarb Town) in the northwest of Tehran. With high-tech medical equipment and highly-trained doctors, Bahman Hospital gained a lot of reputation despite the presence of numerous public medical centers in the area.

The specialty clinics of Bahman Hospital offer the following medical services:

Orthopedics, general surgery, spine surgery, ENT, children, urology, peripheral arterial diseases (PAD) treatment, Infectious diseases treatment, rheumatology, obs and gynae, psychiatry, neurosurgery, neurology, gastroenterology, cardiac (heart) surgery, children’s cardiology, ophthalmology, optometry, hepatology, nephrology, plastic surgery, dermatology, hematology, oncology, audiometry, pathology

The Best Experience Ever

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Olivia Karlsson

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