follow up



Just because your procedure is over does not mean that you are ready to pack your bags and head back home. Your doctor will recommend several days of monitored rest in order to ensure an optimal recovery and the best possible outcome to your surgery or treatment. This process is often referred to as aftercare. In more technical terms it can be defined as “the process of maintaining the integrity and quality of a patient’s care as he or she transitions from one setting (or set of circumstances) to another.”

The actual aftercare process occurs in several different phases. It will also differ significantly from patient to patient depending on the nature of the treatment and the patient´s condition and needs. A patient who has undergone open heart surgery, for example, will require much more follow-up and assistance than a patient who is for plastic surgery or a hernia repair.

Where surgery is involved, phase one of the aftercare process begins the moment you leave the treatment center. If you are staying at an area hotel then you may need to return to the medical facility for rehabilitation therapy, removal of stitches, nutritional counseling or simply for general monitoring of your post-procedure progress. Phase two begins once you return home. Here it is important to schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor to ensure that your recovery is headed in the right direction.

It is important for both patients and AVAMEDWAY to be proactive with the aftercare process as it is an integral part of a successful procedure outcome and promotes a positive medical tourism experience.

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